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Bitcoin as a Currency?

Recent speculation relating to the possible acceptance of Bitcoin by Amazon led to another flurry of volatility for cryptocurrencies.  Investors might want to take a deep breath, step back, and consider if this makes sense, is even feasible, much less practical. Amazon has stated that the company has no immediate plan to accept Bitcoin for […]

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Most of the world’s largest economies are seeing a significant recovery and an increase in demand for electricity, as spending to counter the impact of Covid-19 and related lockdowns begins to bear fruit.  Despite massive spending on renewable-power capacity, many of the world’s industrialized countries, including the U.S., are, of necessity, turning to coal to […]

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Did China Blindside Didi Global’s IPO Investors?

Two days after Didi Global Inc.’s initial public offering (IPO), China’s internet regulator issued several orders that have the potential to seriously limit Didi’s growth potential.  Needless to say, the market’s reaction was not good and the shares traded down.  There is some question as to whether Didi’s management had any awareness of possible issues […]

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In 1977 a successful Florida author, John D. MacDonald, published a novel titled “Condominium” that highlighted his concerns relating to the dangers surrounding an accelerating pace of high rise construction on Florida’s barrier islands.  The book didn’t spare anything or anyone, including weather, incompetent and corrupt building inspectors, poor enforcement of building codes, greedy and […]

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Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is the gradual deterioration of mental faculties due to a neurological and/or psychological disturbance such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, depression, or substance abuse.  Cognitive issues can stem from different factors, including environmental circumstances, genetic traits, and/or hormonal changes.  People can experience varying symptoms including memory lapses, poor judgement, lack of focus, volatile behavior, […]

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Crypto Tax

Stock brokers and other financial firms are required to provide information to the IRS relating to customer financial transactions.  There are no similar requirements in the world of crypto.  Consequently, the IRS believes that this has created an opportunity for a significant level of under reporting.  This is changing.  The government has won several court […]

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