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Investment and Financial Planning for Families

Every family needs a roadmap for its financial future.  Sigma helps families who want a thoughtful approach to wealth management.

Families are unique, and money can be challenging to talk about with family members.  We want to understand what money means to your family without judgment.  Our team will assist you in preserving, expanding, and transferring multigenerational assets.  We will create an investment plan that works for your family’s needs.

We can help you answer common questions like...

“What’s the best way to set my children/grandchildren up for success with their potential inheritance?”

“What’s the best way to loan/gift my children money?”

“I have a special needs child, what are the best ways to make sure they are taken care of?”

“Does Mom/Dad have enough to last through retirement?”

“How do I make sure my children are prepared to step in and manage things, if I’m no longer able to?”


Investment and Financial Planning for Women

Sigma has several women investment advisors that share many of your life experiences.  We understand women and women understand us.  Our commitment to recognizing the unique issues that women face sets us apart from other firms.

We have found that many women have never met their current financial advisors or participated in the planning process. We are committed to empowering women through service and thoughtful advice.  Whether you are an executive, a homemaker, or a retiree, we will create a financial plan to help you reach your financial goals.

We can help you answer common questions like...

“My life expectancy is longer than that of my husband. Will I be okay if I lose his pension/social security income?”

“I’m recently widowed and wasn’t involved with our investments. Where should I start?”

“My risk tolerance is much different than my spouse, how should we balance our investments?”

“I’m going through a divorce. What can I do to make sure my retirement is secure?”


Investment and Financial Planning for Executives

Corporate executives lead hectic lives. The demands of your job may leave little time for planning for your future.

Planning for executives can often involve challenges such as stock options, restricted stock, 401k and pensions. We craft goal-based financial plans aimed at minimizing tax liability, reducing risk exposure, and diversifying assets. We organize the specifics of your financial plan in one place to monitor, analyze and strategize for your future.

We can help you answer common questions like...

“What should I be doing with my employer stock options, restricted stock, or a concentrated stock position?”

“Are there additional ways to minimize my taxes?”

“When can I comfortably retire?”

“How does my compensation package fit within my financial plan?”


Investment and Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

Owning a small business has unique considerations and challenges. The financial aspects of a small business owner’s personal and professional life are often closely intertwined.

Your plan should include strategies to merge the complexities of your business and personal finances into one integrated vision.  We can help navigate issues surrounding wealth accumulation, diversification, asset planning, and risk management.  We also work with your tax, insurance, and legal counsel to create strategies to meet your retirement goals and exit plans.

We can help you answer common questions like...

“Am I doing the right thing with my retirement accounts?”

“Am I able to reduce my taxable income?”

“I’m thinking of selling my business, what should I be doing right now?”

“What kind of estate planning should I be considering?”

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