Why Sigma

We strive to bring order to our clients' busy and often complex financial lives. We develop a customized plan that details how their investments should be managed and give our clients financial peace of mind.

We listen to our clients and take the time to understand their financial backgrounds, goals, and objectives. We help our clients set goals, prioritize those goals, show them the necessary steps for achieving them, and regularly review progress.

We provide objective insight to help clients avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters. We take pride in being available to consult with clients at critical moments of decision-making. These are often when a single emotional decision can have a lasting impact on one’s financial well-being.

We take pride in thoroughly understanding what clients are trying to accomplish while providing the necessary resources to facilitate decision-making. We take time to educate clients on their options while empowering them to feel comfortable with the action plan.

What to Expect

Ongoing Communication

We expect our clients’ goals to change over time, so we strive to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue. We proactively work with clients to anticipate life transitions and develop a plan to help them prepare financially for those life events.

What to Expect

Secure Access to Comprehensive Account Information

In addition to the ongoing dialogue with their investment advisors, clients have real-time access to their account information via a secured link on our website. This easy-to-use site contains many flexible portfolio reports and secure vaulting capabilities for quarterly performance reports, client invoices, and other important client information.


We take pride in our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees from top universities and longstanding careers in the financial services industry, many of our team members have obtained one or more additional designations. Specifically, members of the Sigma investment team are encouraged to obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst and/or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designations.

Fiduciary Standard

We accept fiduciary responsibility on every client relationship.

By accepting fiduciary responsibility, we are legally required to act for the sole benefit of our clients at all times.

At Sigma, the client always comes first. We strive to exercise prudent judgment, disclose all material facts, avoid conflicts of interest, and control investment expenses. A quality relationship with our clients is grounded by a high degree of trust. We believe that accepting fiduciary responsibility is a critical component to building and maintaining that trust.

Fee Only Compensation

Fee Only Compensation

We are compensated on a fee-only basis and do not receive any third-party compensation based upon products, recommendations, or how client assets are invested. A minimum of $1 million of assets under management is required for Sigma’s ongoing services.

Sigma’s clients are billed on a quarterly basis. Quarterly fees are based upon the value of the assets that Sigma manages directly. Our standard fee schedule is as follows:


1.0% Annually

on the first $2,000,000

0.6% Annually

on the next $3,000,000

0.5% Annually

on the next $5,000,000

0.2% Annually

on any amount over $10,000,000

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