What to Expect

Our comprehensive approach places each client’s unique goals at the center of the wealth planning process. We aim to simplify the complex and educate our clients through frequent communication. Our approach reaches well beyond the traditional scope of investment management.


Investment Planning

What are the best investments to meet my unique goals? 

Our advisors make decisions on proper investment selection, asset location, rebalancing, diversification and managing behavior bias.

Retirement Planning

Am I saving enough for retirement? When can I retire?

Our financial plans cover retirement contributions and withdrawals, how to maximize Social Security benefits, tax planning strategies, Medicare planning, cash flow budgeting, and how to determine the best retirement date.


Estate Planning

What will happen to my money when I die? Is there a way to preserve more assets for my heirs?

We work closely with our client’s attorneys and other advisors to avoid probate, ensure assets go where they should, and minimize federal and state estate taxes.

Tax Planning

What can I do to reduce my tax bill? How can I grow my portfolio faster and pay less in taxes?

We aim to reduce client taxes and maximize savings, through strategies such as Roth conversions, claiming deductions and credits, bunching, tax loss harvesting, tax sensitive liquidations, and tax-free investing opportunities (Roth, 529, HSA, charitable donations, etc.)


Insurance Planning

Do I have enough insurance coverage? Is it the right kind of insurance?

Our advisors analyze insurance coverage to avoid financial catastrophes. We can also help unwind or transfer unnecessary policies.

Delegation & Behavioral

How can I spend more time enjoying life, and less time worrying about my finances? How do I remove the emotion of watching the markets?

By delegating the management of their investments to Sigma, our clients can spend more time doing what they enjoy, ensuring things get done, removing bias, and having financial peace of mind.


What Matters Most to You?