All the News That’s Fit To Print

Years ago the print media was proud of its record of providing a thorough and accurate portrayal of current events.  Agitators with an agenda were referred to as “yellow journalists”.  Today we have a highly polarized electorate, catered to by an equally polarized media, which no longer believes in “all the news that’s fit to … Continued

Supply Chain Peril

Supply chain problems have been well publicized and attributed to a variety of causes.  One of the key problems, congestion at West coast docks, could get a lot worse this summer.  The more optimistic among us have suggested that some relief could begin by next spring.  Let’s hope. Investors should recognize that the private companies … Continued

Definite Maybe

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines definite maybe as something that you think you might do, but are not certain about.  This may be an apt take away from the recently concluded Glasgow climate summit.  All of the world’s leaders, except two of the most important, who couldn’t bother to even come, made all sorts of declarations … Continued

Green Guidance

We have previously discussed the issue of definition for funds purporting to offer an emphasis on investments in green strategies.  See our blog of October 1, 2021 titled “How Green is Green”, in which we highlight the question of defining “green”. Now a research group, The Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI), backed by some of the … Continued

Fighting the Last War

An old and partially true saying suggests that generals tend to prepare to fight the last war.  This also often applies to investment recommendations for the new year.  Financial services marketers will be highlighting what worked in 2021, brag about their successes and promote more of the same for 2022.  We aren’t going to make … Continued

How Secure is Your Pension?

The answer to that question may rest on whether your pension is paid by a public or private pension fund.  Pension funds pay benefits to retirees through a combination of investment gains, and contributions from employers and workers.  For private pension funds, shortfalls in investment returns are typically made up through increased contributions from employers.  … Continued

Psychic Income and Job Satisfaction

Merriam-Webster defines psychic income as 1) imputed income and 2) rewards, such as prestige, leisure, or pleasant surroundings, for example, not measurable in terms of money or goods, but serving as an incentive to work. Currently, workforce participation remains near record lows at 61.6% compared to a more normal rate of 63-4%.  There are a … Continued

The Importance of Planning

It is becoming clear that the world is facing a significant shortage of electricity.  In order to meet demand, there has been a resurgence in the use of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) accompanied by price increases.  Despite significant efforts to shift to renewable energy sources, there is a widening time gap between … Continued

Strike While the Iron is Hot

This is a well-known, old proverb that is usually considered to be a suggestion to take advantage of favorable conditions.  Historically, this may have referred to blacksmithing.  Currently it seems to be reflective of the state of labor/management relationships, as many workers believe that this may be a good time to negotiate improvements in wages, … Continued


Wikipedia defines gamification as the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities in order to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games, in order to motivate and engage users.  Many new technologies, such as those employed by organizations like upstart brokerage Robinhood, utilize features designed to encourage investors to trade more … Continued

Will This Be a Two Sweater Winter?

By now it is clear that energy prices are going to be quite a lot higher this winter than last.  It is already visible at the gas pump with motor fuel prices running well ahead of a year ago.  Natural gas prices have skyrocketed as the world faces significant shortages and home heating oil prices … Continued

Replacing Motor Fuel Tax Receipts

Historically, motor fuel taxes have been a significant source of revenue, with most of the receipts committed to road construction and maintenance. Today, governments are aggressively promoting the development and purchase of electric vehicles (EVs).  As the number of EVs on the road increases, motor fuel tax receipts have started to dwindle.  Over the next … Continued