You’re Only as Good as Your Team

Virtually all human endeavors involve team work to some extent.  In sports, the application to team sports is obvious.  Even in sports where the individual appears to be crucial, a team is still a major factor.  For example, NASCAR drivers, no matter how talented, depend on the mechanics who set up their cars and the … Continued


During almost any sports broadcast, you hear the word “momentum”, which psychologists define as psychological momentum.  Of course, the key question is, does it exist, is it just a temporary shift in confidence or mood, or does it actually change the outcome of a game or a season? “The Oxford Dictionary of Sport Science” defines … Continued

Freedom of the Seas and the Strait of Malacca-Update

We have previously commented on the importance of “freedom of the seas” (17May16) and the significance of the Strait of Malacca to international trade. Recent news reports and satellite photos suggest that China has introduced powerful anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons systems on all seven of the islands it has built in the South China Sea, … Continued

Forecasting Investment Returns

This is never easy, but the board of the largest U.S. pension fund is taking a new look at what the future might bring.  The California Public Employee’s Retirement System (Calpers) plans to lower the current 7.5% goal to 7.0%, phased in over the next thee years. With this decision, Calpers is changing its business … Continued

Reverse Mortgages Revisited

Last June in our blog titled Reverse Mortgages, we noted that, while reverse mortgages may have a role in retirement planning, some of the promotional efforts may not provide enough information regarding risks. In December 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered three companies to stop misleading ads and to pay combined penalties of approximately … Continued

“Much Ado About Nothing”/”The Art of the Deal”

First, credits to William Shakespeare and Donald Trump. Now, the “Much Ado About Nothing” part of the discussion.  Recently, Mr. Trump has expressed displeasure regarding several auto industry vehicle assembly strategies.  He criticized GM for importing a few thousand Chevy Cruzes from Mexico, even though nearly all Cruzes, for sale in the US, are assembled … Continued

The Outlook for Electric Vehicles

With the recent introduction of the Chevrolet Bolt EV (electric vehicle), some clarification as to consumer acceptance of EVs may emerge. U.S. sales of EVs have been statistically insignificant, with full year unit volume likely to come in below 150,000 compared to total 2016 U.S. vehicle sale of approximately 18 million units.  Based on reported … Continued

Jobs, Trade, Automation and Productivity

These are issues that are likely to loom large over the next several months as the new administration settles in and begins to implement its agenda.  Jobs are likely to be a recurring theme as the new administration seeks to address the fears of some of its key constituencies.  While it is too early to … Continued