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Psychic Income

A recent article in US News & World Report highlighted seven jobs that they described as “underpaid” in that the average median salary was less than the $41,674 national average wage index as calculated by the Social Security Administration. The selected jobs had a high societal need in that the authors projected at least 45,000 […]

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Evidence from the Field – India’s Power Outage

April 23, 2012: Wall Street Journal headline – “Scandal Spurs Indian Coal Auction” “India is the world’s third-largest producer of coal, after China and the U.S. But it has become increasingly reliant on imports from countries such as Indonesia because of slumping domestic production. This year, demand is expected to outstrip production by about 100 […]

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Let This Serve as a Reminder

Sadly the early hope for an Arab Spring that would fuel the populous to societies with greater freedoms, including the right to free elections, freedom of speech, freedom of religionand equal rights for women, which would ultimately lead the region to job growth and economic prosperity, now appears to have failed the people and the […]

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Is That For Real?

Several weeks ago I received a solicitation from a local community foundation officer suggesting that we might want to recommend to our philanthropically minded clients an investment in their donor-advised fund. They showed investment returns that, on the surface, appeared quite solid. As I studied their performance data though, I learned that a material segment […]

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If Someone is Drowning, Throw a Life Ring, Not an Anchor

Reading an essay this morning on the demographic challenge currently facing several South American nations (aging populations), I came across one of those obvious, but often ignored assertions (like the one, “Wear clean underwear, you never know when you’re going to be in an accident”; the ignoring part is not about wearing clean underwear, but […]

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Sigma Investment Counselors Presents: Should You Take The Pay Out?

Have you received a lump sum offer on your Ford pension? Do you know what factors to consider before making a decision? Do you want to learn more about your options? Beware! Other advisers may recommend everyone take the lump sum! It might not be your best option! Our team of advisers will give you straightforward […]

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