Shanghai to Detroit

Last week Sigma had the honor of hosting nine students from Shanghai University. The students are visiting Southeast Michigan through the Macomb Cultural and Economic Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering relationships between southeast Michigan officials, businesses and schools and the rest of the world.

These students are spending two months in Michigan visiting various businesses, visiting with host families, and exploring Michigan. They are studying engineering, mathematics, and economics. They were very interested in learning more about the financial markets, investment management, and leadership skills. A number of them are also interested in pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

We were all very impressed with the ambition and education level of these kids. They were each incredibly bright and asked very thought provoking questions in excellent English (sometimes aided by Google translate and our very own Wenma Gorman.) It was evident they were the cream of the crop of their university. We were happy to host them and wish them safe travels!

Marisa A. Lenhard, CFA, CFP®