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Are China’s Climate Promises Feasible?

China’s economy is heavily dependent on coal powered electric energy.  We have previously discussed China’s dependence on coal. (See our blogs titled Climate, Coal and China and Coal).  In order to meaningfully reduce China’s dependence on coal, solutions to two primary roadblocks will have to be found.  Specifically, the availability of scalable and economically practical […]

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Real Signs of Inflation?

A theme seems to be emerging as we monitor the release of information made by public companies’ earnings reports and shared forward looking guidance – the decision to increase prices on their products and services. A company’s decision to increase prices can be made based on current or anticipated increased costs of production. The time […]

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Employees are a Valuable Asset

That should be obvious.  While current unemployment data is confusing at best, and may be obscuring the probability that the U.S. is looking at a longer term labor shortage, employers should be recognizing the long-term importance of being an employer of choice. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, one of the country’s largest private employers, […]

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Voluntary Taxes

With the current atmosphere in Washington, it might be a good time to recognize that some federal, state and local taxes are partially or substantially voluntary, and/or deferrable depending on personal choices. For example, capital gains tax liabilities are currently triggered by the sale of an asset at a profit.  Any liability can be entirely or […]

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How Many Raisins in a Box of Raisin Bran?

That depends on how you define raisin. There has been a significant increase in the number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) offering a focused emphasis on current fashionable investment themes.  While a diverse portfolio may offer the best long term results, many investors, at least with part of their portfolios, are seeking opportunities to concentrate […]

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Who Pays Corporate Taxes?

With the increasing probability that the federal corporate income tax rate is going up, we are seeing the usual, politically based projections, as to who will pay the higher rates.  Some are saying that it will be investors and others are saying that it will be labor. It may well be everyone.  All taxes charged […]

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