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I Don’t Know

Investment decisions are largely based on expectations.  Estimating future value is very difficult and inherently uncertain, which no amount of education and experience can fully overcome.  Future values are sometimes based on anticipated innovations, historical performance, broader industry trends and many other factors.  Even with careful analysis, not all investment opportunities lend themselves to high […]

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We recently posted a blog titled “What is ESG” that attempts to explain the ideas behind socially responsible investing.  ERISA (Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974) protects American’s retirement assets by implementing rules that qualified plans must follow to ensure that plan fiduciaries do not misuse plan assets. Many investors, understandably, want to do good […]

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The EU Money Grab

European governments, that already have some of the world’s highest tax rates, are under increasing pressure to raise additional revenues, and believe that American tech giants represent a potential “gold mine.”  The route to increased revenues seems to be following several paths, including, new taxes designed to increase the EU’s share of U.S. tech company […]

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Freedom of the Seas Is Important

Over the last several years we have posted a number of blogs relating to the importance of the “freedom of the seas”, most recently on (17May16) and (25Jan17).  Despite the fact that approximately 80% of the world’s trade volume travels by sea, the international community has largely ignored China’s efforts to exert military control over […]

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Abuse of the Paycheck Protection Program

One of the components of the CARES Act is the Paycheck Protection Program.  This program offers a loan to small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat.  The goal is to keep employees on the payroll and provide assistance for other operating expenses such as rent, mortgage interest and utility payments.  If a struggling business […]

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Margin Calls

According to Investopedia, a margin call arises when an investor borrows money from a broker to make investments.  When an investor uses margin to buy or sell securities, he pays for them using a combination of his own funds and borrowed money from a broker.  A margin call is triggered when the investor’s equity, as a […]

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