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Is Big Pharma A Piñata?

Healthcare is, or more correctly, continues to be the topic of the day.  We are all, as patients, providers and/or tax payers, necessarily involved in the whole issue of how best to provide reasonable and universal access, on an affordable basis, to quality healthcare. Big pharma, and therefore, investors, are directly involved.  Media commentary likes […]

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Increasing Transparency: How Communication Leads to Portfolio Efficacy

It is hard to come to terms with one’s own mortality.  In an ideal world, everyone would live to be 100 years old and die peacefully in their sleep. Unfortunately, life surprises us with many unpleasant things.  At Sigma, we try to prepare our clients for the future.  However, we are only as good as […]

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Lackluster Economic Growth?

To varying degrees, commentators and economists are suggesting that the U.S. economy seems to be struggling to sustain a growth rate on the order of 2%, while most observers believe that growth on the order of 3% would be highly beneficial and, is also generally considered to be a reasonable target. June unemployment has fallen […]

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Shareholders’ Rights Update

In our March 15th blog, we commented on the apparent deterioration in shareholders’ rights in connection with the initial public offering of Snap, Inc. shares, which have no voting rights.  This issue is garnering increased attention from institutional investors. State Street Global Advisors recently urged the U.S. financial regulator to block companies from adopting controversial […]

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