Increasing Transparency: How Communication Leads to Portfolio Efficacy

It is hard to come to terms with one’s own mortality.  In an ideal world, everyone would live to be 100 years old and die peacefully in their sleep. Unfortunately, life surprises us with many unpleasant things.  At Sigma, we try to prepare our clients for the future.  However, we are only as good as the information provided to us.  We understand that it can be hard to share personal details with one’s advisor.  Yet, in order to choose the right path for one’s investments, as advisors, we need to be in the know. Communication between the client and their advisors improves efficiency, increases accuracy and aids with the personalization of a financial plan. No two clients are the same and people’s lives are full of ups and downs.  At Sigma, we strive to stay attuned to our client’s unique needs and circumstances and adjust our strategies accordingly.

We will also work with our clients’ estate planning attorneys to ensure that their assets are properly titled and instructions given so clients’ wishes are executed at the time when an estate is settled. At Sigma, we strive to deliver peace of mind.

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Hannah Voigt