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Happy New Year!

“Let us enter the New Year cheerfully.  Let us resolve to look on the bright side, to make the best of whatever may befall, to maintain faith that doing the right thing will ultimately bring victory.  Let us cultivate sunniness, resist sourness.  We can better wrestle with difficulties, obstacles, problems in a spirit of buoyancy […]

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Oil, Inflation, Interest Rates, and Uncertainty

The recent and relatively precipitous decrease in the price of oil is likely to lead to a period of adjustment and uncertainty.  Markets typically have not liked uncertainty.  This suggests that investors are likely to be subjected to increased market volatility until there is greater visibility relating to the economic and geopolitical impact of the […]

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Cuba and Investors

Cuba is essentially a dependent country, in that it has been unable to generate enough export income to fund a minimal level of imports. Over the last 50 years, Russia has been a major supporter and, more recently, Venezuela has helped, primarily with bargain oil. Both of these countries are facing increasing difficulties at home, […]

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Falling Oil and Gas Prices

As of December 15th  the average price of a gallon of gas in Michigan had fallen to $2.43 and crude oil prices fell to less than $60 a barrel (over a 37% decline this year) for the first time since July 2009.  The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announced last week that it […]

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Fundamental Investment Truths: Part Three

This is the third and final chapter in our review of Morgan Housel’s “rules for investors.” “Things change quickly – and more drastically than many think.” Fourteen years ago, Enron was on Fortune magazine’s list of the world’s most admired companies, Apple was a struggling niche company, Greece’s economy was booming, and the Congressional Budget […]

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Fundamental Investment Truths: Part Two

Here are some more of Morgan Housel’s “Rules for Investors”. “I don’t know are three of the most underused words in investing.” No one knows what the market will do next month.  No one knows when interest rates will rise or where the price of oil is headed.  Listening to people, who say they know, […]

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