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Wages and Revenues and Profits

The issue of a new minimum wage is back in the headlines with action contemplated in the Senate.  While much of the discourse is political, investors should recognize that businesses have different business strategies and that changes in wages are likely to be more material to some than to others. Differences in business models are […]

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The World’s Policeman?

A recent Wall Street Journal review of a new book by Aiyaz Husain, “Mapping the End of Empire”, brings to mind the days of Britain’s role as the World’s Policeman.  “Pax Britannica” was a period of relative peace in Europe and the World (1815-1914), during which the British Empire became the global hegemon and adopted […]

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Introducing Anthony (Tony) Basalla!

Sigma continues to experience regular growth in new clients and today we wish to introduce our new colleague, Tony Basalla.  Tony joined our Cleveland office on April 1st.  He has been serving clients as a portfolio manager for over 9 years and has the requisite experience and training to serve our new clients.  You can […]

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Fear and Greed

In the investment community, short-term, sharp moves in the major stock averages are often attributed to rapid shifts in investor sentiment between fear and greed.  Fear of losing everything or underperforming versus the desire to always try to make a little more or not be left behind. This is probably as good an explanation as […]

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Where Are The Jobs?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggested that some of the relatively weak recovery in jobs can be attributed to low interest rates and their affect on corporate investment decisions.  While it is true that many companies are currently flush with cash and very low interest rates further encourage capital investment to increase […]

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This Time it’s Different

There are few comments in the lexicon of investment advice that are more likely to cause investment professionals to roll their eyes and cringe.  However, just because most investment strategies have stood the test of time and the proponents of “this time it’s different” are usually proven to be wrong, does not mean that every move […]

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