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Sigma Celebrates 40 Years

Many couples when celebrating an anniversary exchange cards and go out for dinner. When a company celebrates an important milestone, generally they choose to throw a gala celebration and wine and dine their clients and colleagues. Late last year the Sigma team discussed our 40th anniversary approaching and how we would choose to celebrate it. […]

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Don’t Eat Your Seed Corn

Wise old farmers are believed to have long had a saying: “Don’t eat your seed corn.” In other words, every seed that comes into your hands has the potential to be planted and provide more corn in the future, or to be consumed. The analogy for investors is: Every dollar that comes into your hands […]

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Random Thoughts

The stock market is generally considered to be a leading indicator. That is, current market action reflects future expectations. The stock market largely shrugged off the government shutdown and the hyperbole surrounding a possible default. The apparent resolution of the October 17 “crisis” was to do it all over again early next year. Talk of […]

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Polls and Pols – What does it mean?

Recent polls taken during the ongoing government slowdown indicate that the US citizenry is losing confidence in most federal government leaders (President Obama, Republicans, Congress, etc.). At the same time, the prices of common stock indexes are near all-time highs. In elections, voters make their choices by casting their ballots. In investment portfolios, investors signal […]

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Default? Don’t Bet On It!

The US Government’s annual budget is approximately $3.5 trillion. When we dig deeper, we find the following expenditures, expressed in $ (billions) and %: Medicare and Medicaid $802 23% Social Security $768 22% Defense $670 19% Discretionary $615 17% Other Mandatory $461 13% Net Interest $223 6% From this perspective, it seems highly unlikely that […]

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Wikipedia defines hyperbole as the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression. In the current heated political environment, hyperbole seems to be the primary method of communication. Investors need to be very careful to parse what is […]

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