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It’s All Greek To Me

Equity markets have proven their penchant for volatility in August. The last few trading sessions have been mostly positive though. As the volatility temporarily fades from the radar screen and we turn our sights to other matters germane to investment decision making, we thought it notable that Greek sovereign bonds are currently trading for anywhere […]

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Investors Who Held On Since 2008 Made Right Move

We thought this was worth sharing: “Investors Who Held On Since 2008 Made Right Move”.  This was published August, 19, 2011 on CNBC.  They report three key findings: Those that changed equity allocations to zero and stayed clear of stocks had an average balance increase of only 2%. Participants who exited after the crash and recently […]

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Philosophy Without Sweat

Dylan Ratigan caught my attention twice within the past week. The first, during his self-admitted televised rant and the second, his follow-up article where he, after gathering his thoughts, put together a more detailed explanation of his opinions (review for yourself here). Reading this explanation three times myself, I found the undertones to be quite […]

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Commentary on Today’s Market Volatility

The confluence of events over the past few weeks continues to rattle markets, with recent events culminating in Friday night’s downgrade of the United States credit rating from AAA to AA+. The downgrade is a source of embarrassment for our nation. While one can agree or disagree on whether the action should have been taken, […]

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An Overlooked Piece of the Puzzle

In light of the highly charged commentary regarding recent progress made in Washington, we believe it is critical to consider all potential risks pertaining to the country’s current financial woes. While similar topics and themes continue filling up news venues, a large piece of the puzzle is being overlooked; the effect on the value of […]

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