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Retirement Planning

Sigma Investment Counselors

April 26, 2019

How and when to retire may be the most complicated financial decision that most of will have to face.  There are a number of variables, many of which require estimates that are subject to unexpected future events.  Perhaps the most difficult factors include, estimating your (and a partner’s) life expectancy, inflation and investment returns over an extended period.  There are many other factors that should be understood in order to determine an appropriate retirement strategy.

Creating a viable and satisfactory retirement plan is very personal.  While there are any number of generic recommendations available, from a wide range of sources, individual circumstances and objectives are so varied that retirement is not a do-it-yourself project, based on generalizations.  In most situations, individual-specific advice has the best chance of producing the most workable solution.

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Walter J. Kirchberger, CFA

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