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529 Account Contributions – Taking Advantage of Year-End Benefits

As we approach the end of the calendar year, it’s a good time to review some last-minute planning items that can result in 2020 tax savings. One such item is making contributions to 529 education plans in states that offer a tax-break on dollars that are deposited within the calendar year.  For example, Michigan offers […]

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The Case for Negative-Yielding Debt

The idea that you can make a case for negative-yielding debt would seem to be counterintuitive at best and irrational at worst.  Never-the-less, there are some rational reasons for an investment decision that seems to defy logic. Perhaps the primary value of negative-yielding debt is safety.  The typical investor might conclude that a federally insured […]

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The Housing Pinch

Two recent headlines summarize some of today’s housing issues:  1. Big company owners of single-family homes are raising rents at the fastest rate since the last decade’s foreclosure crisis, and 2. First-time home sales currently account for the lowest market share since 1987. Corporate landlords that own single family homes are raising rents at the fastest […]

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