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“Politics is the Art of the Possible, the Attainable – the Art of the Next Best”

This quotation is generally attributed to Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and is sometimes modified to read, “Politics is the Art of Compromise.” Governing is not football, and while UCLA football’s coach, “Red” Sanders quote, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” may be appropriate for sports, it is not suitable for government. It would probably […]

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Will Social Security Run Out of Money?

The short answer is no, but the value of benefits may erode over time. The long term viability of the Social Security program is a recurring topic.  Recently, the Social Security Administration reported that this year retirement benefits paid out each month are exceeding the tax revenues and interest that fund the program.  Consequently, it […]

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Book-to-Bill Ratio

The book-to-bill ratio is a measure of the relationship between the amount a company bills over a specific period (a month, a year, etc.), and new orders.  To the extent that new orders exceed or fall short of current revenues, backlogs increase or fall. A book-to-bill ratio higher than one means that more orders were […]

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“The Risks of Failing to See the Sea”

This is the title of a recent Wall Street Journal editorial written by Elisabeth Braw, referencing a major military exercise, in and around Norway, involving 31 countries.  She notes that the West suffers from what is sometimes called “sea blindness”, a general ignorance of maritime and naval affairs. She goes on to suggest that, since […]

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Maximizing Your 401(k)

There has been a great deal written about the retirement opportunities provided by an informed and intelligent approach to your 401(k).  However, given the importance of effectively managing your 401(k), a fresh look can’t hurt. A recent article in USA TODAY presented 7 useful steps towards making the most of your 401(k), as summarized below. […]

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“They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait”

This is the last line of a John Milton sonnet and has been subject to a wide range of interpretations.  One possible interpretation might relate to the fact that first responders are definitely serving, whether they are on stand-by or actually in the field addressing an emergency. Investors might benefit from recognizing that they may […]

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