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           Many investors tend to keep a fairly short term perspective regarding their equity portfolio despite the fact that this asset class is typically held in a portfolio to provide long term growth. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly easy to track one’s portfolio on a daily basis via a smart phone, […]

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When the News is Either All Good or All Bad

Recent market volatility, with daily multi-hundred point moves for the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, may be attributable to investors focusing, less on what the news actually means, but rather, interpreting every news item, on a given day, as either all good or all bad. Obviously, the outlook for individual companies or the general economy, does […]

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“Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself”

This is a quotation from FDR’s first inaugural address when the country was in the middle of a severe depression.  Obviously, we are not currently seeing any serious economic stress.  But rather, we are looking at a very strong economy and a strong stock market, generally just a few, single digit percentage points from all-time […]

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