“Put Your Money (and the Dow Jones Industrial Average) Where Your Mouth Is”

I was having breakfast with a companion this past Saturday, when he asked me, “Would you invest right now if you had cash?”  I chuckled and directed him to the blog my colleague wrote earlier in the week covering just that subject (https://sigmainvestments.com/invest-now-or-wait-for-a-correction/) with an answer in the affirmative.

He then asked, “Where do you think the Dow Jones Industrial Average is headed.”  Once again, I directed him to my blog of May 30, 2014 (https://sigmainvestments.com/bubbles-bull-and-bears/).  He read it and said, “You suggest that the Dow Jones Industrials are in the midst of a secular bull market, but you don’t provide a forecast.”

True enough.  So, Scott, here is my forecast:  The Dow Jones Industrial Average should reach a level of 28,000 by 2021.

This is not a “Johnny come lately” outlook.  In our blog of August 27, 2010 we declared the bear market over and a new, bull market, beginning (https://sigmainvestments.com/im-getting-tired-pick-up-the-pace/).

All comments or questions are welcomed.

Bob Bilkie, CFA