The Future of Healthcare? A Disconcerting Letter from my Personal Physician.

I am attaching a copy of a letter that my personal physician sent me. It is somewhat disconcerting – the changing dynamics of healthcare.

Your thoughts, interpretations, and comments are welcome.

Bob Bilkie, CFA


Health Care in our country is changing. As I reflect on how these changes will affect us, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for patients to see their doctor because doctors are caring for more and more people. Today there is barely enough time to address illness, let alone the true goal of health care, which is to keep you well. My commitment to you as your primary care physician is to be proactive, to protect you and to always put your best interest first. I am not willing to compromise the doctor-patient relationship we value, and that is why I have decided to make a change in my practice – a change that will allow us to spend more time working together on your wellness goals.

Recently I conducted a random telephone survey and many of you confirmed your interest in a more personal approach to your healthcare. After much research and consideration, I am affiliating with MDVIP, the national leader in personalized healthcare. In order to provide an enhanced level of service, I will be significantly reducing the size of my practice. Patients who prioritize such an improved care experience may join my new MDVIP-affiliated practice on a first-come, first-served basis.

I will continue practicing internal medicine, and MDVIP will support us by providing leading-edge tools and technology as part of a comprehensive Wellness Program. Your membership in the new practice includes advanced screenings and diagnostic testing, a personalized wellness plan and one-on-one physician counseling focused on the most critical areas of health, such as heart health, diabetes prevention, bone health, sleep habits, weight management and emotional well-being. Additionally, you will enjoy on-time, un-hurried routine and same-day appointments, 24/7 availability via my personal phone numbers, enhanced coordination of care with specialists and an online personal health record.

In anticipation of the number of patients interested in this opportunity, I have set up a dedicated, toll-free phone line for you to call to get all of your questions answered and to enroll in my new program. My new website also contains helpful information as well as the ability to secure your place in the practice.

As your physician, my goal is to partner with you to help you enjoy a healthier, more vibrant life. I look forward to sharing this vision with you.