Well-deserved Award and Recognition

So often we take for granted our good fortune. Working with colleagues and clients at Sigma is truly my good fortune. It has also been my good fortune to have known Bob and Shari Bilkie for almost twenty years. Not only do they take their commitment to Sigma seriously, but that commitment carries through to their personal lives as well. Over the years Bob and Shari have made many generous donations to various organizations and causes with little fanfare or recognition, just the way they prefer it. However, their contributions and long hours of dedication in the creation and development of the Miracle League of Plymouth, a baseball field and pavilion for children with special needs, has not gone unnoticed by their colleagues nor their community. The Washtenaw Contractors Association has announced that the 2012 Pyramid Award for Best Team Project under $3,000,000 has been awarded to the Miracle League of Plymouth. The award itself is tied to the team effort of the Architectural and Contractor contribution; it is recognition of a job well done. On behalf of my colleagues at Sigma we would like to extend congratulations to the Miracle League of Plymouth on the well-deserved recognition. It also provides us an opportunity to recognize and congratulate Bob and Shari on being part of a team that has made a significant contribution to a community. Truly a job well done.

Denise M. Farkas, CFA