Things You’ve Never Seen and Thoughts You’ve Never Thought

On July 14th, we hosted a group of clients and friends at one of our favorite places, the Detroit Institute of Arts. We had the good fortune of being able to view the DIA’s current special exhibit “Through African Eyes” with a preview by curator Dr. Nii Quarcoopome. Dr. Quarcoopome gave us some perspective on what it takes to put an exhibit like this together and his vision for the endeavor. Some of the pieces took 24 years of cultivating relationships for the owner to agree to lend and are on public display for the first and possibly only time ever. Dr. Quarcoopome introduced a wonderful vision and perspective that gives new energy to art. It’s open for three more weeks and we highly encourage all of our friends to visit. To quote the New York Times review of Through African Eyes – “If you get a thrill from seeing things you’ve never seen and thinking thoughts you’ve never thought, Detroit is a good place to be these days.”

Art Review
The Exotic in the Eyes of African Beholders
Published: April 16, 2010
An exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts conveys how Africans across centuries have viewed the European outsiders to their continent.