Perfectly Acceptable

This blog has precious little to do with the economy or markets. I will start by saying that human error is present every day in markets. We sell when we should have bought or bought when we should have sold. We order too much inventory. Perfection is never guaranteed. One of my “bucket list” desires was to observe a perfectly pitched baseball game. Given that only 20 have occurred out of some 350,000 baseball games throughout history, I knew that this was improbable – that I would witness one. Well, I was directly behind first base at Comerica Park yesterday (6/2/10) when the Detroit Tigers played the Cleveland Indians and as Tiger starter Armando Galarraga achieved this immortal feat – only to have the effort nullified by an imperfect call by the umpire on what should have been the very last play of the perfectly pitched game – calling the clearly out runner safe. Everyone handled it well – the apologizing umpire, the affected pitcher, and the suffering fans. I consider it the only perfect game with 28 outs – and can cross this off my “bucket list.” If anyone needs to know what the “bucket list” is, send me a post.
Bob Bilkie