Taking the Plunge

A February 4, 2019 article in the Wall Street Journal titled How to Invest When Markets Are Down noted that “If you have a lump sum to in­vest, rather than a small amount each month, you may be bet­ter off in­vest­ing it all at once, mainly be­cause keep­ing it on the side­lines in cash while you wait to me­ter it into the mar­kets will drag down your re­turns, a 2012 Van­guard study found.”

We completely agree, but we tend not to do this as it can be quite a shock if one were to immediately confront a December 2018 bout of weakness.  If you are a Sigma client and feel you can take the emotional plunge, please let your investment advisor know.  The difference in investment returns and wealth accumulation will be worth it.

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Robert M. Bilkie, CFA