Michigan’s Number One Export

There has been much discussion regarding the outflow of college graduates from Michigan. By some accounts more than half of all recent college graduates have left the state for a job. We’ve experienced it with our own family members, and have heard plenty of similar stories of our clients’ children heading to Chicago, New York, Boston, or California for work. We have some of the best universities in the country, and they are now producing our number one export – college graduates. Michigan is a beautiful state with much to offer in terms of culture, nature, and sports. We’ve got world class museums, the Great Lakes, a thriving music scene, fantastic restaurants, and some of the best college and professional sports teams around. However, the lack of jobs seems to trump all of the positive things going on here.

We are hopeful for our region when we read positive stories like yesterday’s NY Times article featuring Phil Cooley of Slow’s BBQ in Detroit. It’s an excellent summary of a bright young person with a great idea who has found success in Detroit and is committed to paying it forward to help other businesses and the community. Attracting more entrepreneurs and leaders like Mr. Cooley and allowing them to thrive, would be the first step in turning Michigan around.