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Don’t Look Back….

The full quotation is “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”  This quote is often associated with inspirational or positive thinking messages because looking back at bad things won’t change anything in the present.  There is a message here for investors. Don’t look back at the trades you wish you had made.  Wishing that […]

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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

This phrase, or something like it, is often associated with the swearing in of witnesses while giving testimony in court, and, by extension, in other contexts.  The idea behind this relatively comprehensive approach probably reflects, in part, concern over testimony that may be technically true, but may be misleading, taken literally, due to omissions or […]

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Subsidies or Surcharges?

In order to accelerate demand for electric vehicles (EVs), the world’s governments have been handing out a wide range of subsidies and incentives.  But in nearly half of U.S. states, driving a battery-powered car now requires paying an additional fee. To date, 24 states have imposed special fees on EVs, usually through higher registration charges, […]

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Cash or Credit?

We have previously discussed the gradual movement away from cash in many retail establishments (see blogs titled “Is Cash Obsolete?” and “When Cash is Embarrassing”). The movement towards credit-only transactions appears to be driven by efficiency and the problems associated with accepting and handling cash. Now comes government.  San Francisco is about to require brick-and-mortar […]

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Is The Jig Up For The GIG Economy?

The great recession precipitated relatively high levels of unemployment and a material reduction in opportunities for full time work.  Consequently, people were open to new things, such as picking up temporary, low-commitment contract work.  Workers in this type of work are generally not legally employees and, while they gain flexibility, they lose out on traditional […]

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Understanding Brexit

In Great Britain you can bet on almost anything through authorized bookmakers.  Currently, the odds on Brexit happening are now, for the first time, no better than even. Trying to explain Brexit is almost impossible.  Perhaps the most interesting effort comes from Jeff Lafferty, a Scottish comedian.  “So the way I understand it is that […]

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