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Book-to-Bill Ratio

The book-to-bill ratio is a measure of the relationship between the amount a company bills over a specific period (a month, a year, etc.), and new orders.  To the extent that new orders exceed or fall short of current revenues, backlogs increase or fall. A book-to-bill ratio higher than one means that more orders were […]

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“The Risks of Failing to See the Sea”

This is the title of a recent Wall Street Journal editorial written by Elisabeth Braw, referencing a major military exercise, in and around Norway, involving 31 countries.  She notes that the West suffers from what is sometimes called “sea blindness”, a general ignorance of maritime and naval affairs. She goes on to suggest that, since […]

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Maximizing Your 401(k)

There has been a great deal written about the retirement opportunities provided by an informed and intelligent approach to your 401(k).  However, given the importance of effectively managing your 401(k), a fresh look can’t hurt. A recent article in USA TODAY presented 7 useful steps towards making the most of your 401(k), as summarized below. […]

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“They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait”

This is the last line of a John Milton sonnet and has been subject to a wide range of interpretations.  One possible interpretation might relate to the fact that first responders are definitely serving, whether they are on stand-by or actually in the field addressing an emergency. Investors might benefit from recognizing that they may […]

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Are Investors and The Fed Out of Sync?

There seems to be a disconnect between the Fed’s expectations and those of investors.  The Fed appears to continue to expect that the economy will grow at rate above 2% during 2019, which, when viewed in the context of very low unemployment, could lead to an inflation rate above the Fed’s 2% target. Investors by […]

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