Who We Serve: Executives

Investment and Financial Planning for Corporate Executives

At Sigma, we understand that corporate executives lead very busy lives. The demands of your occupation may leave little time for effective wealth management and planning for your financial future.  We have the knowledge and experience to assist with a number of financial planning opportunities that corporate executives have, such as leveraging your employee benefits, individual stock option planning, and overall wealth management.

Our team of investment advisors has extensive experience providing financial advice to corporate executives on a wide variety of issues that impact their unique situation. Planning for executives can often involve challenges such as stock options, restricted stock and pensions. We utilize planning tools that allows us to craft goal-based financial plans aimed at minimizing tax liability, strategically reducing risk exposure, and diversifying investment assets. With these tools, we can organize the specific details of your financial plan in one place, monitor, analyze and strategize on an ongoing basis.  

Company executives have a number of financial planning opportunities that Sigma Investment Counselors can assist with. Executive investing is multifaceted and can be a difficult task to undertake alone. The investment advisors at our Michigan, Ohio, and Florida offices, work with you to understand all of your options and create a customized investment plan.

Our advisors will also help you answer some of the following questions:

“What should I be doing with my employer stock options?”

“How can I effectively manage the various aspects of restricted stock units and/ or a concentrated stock position?”

“When can I comfortably retire?”

“Which 401k options should I choose?”

“How do the various parts of my compensations package fit within my overall financial plan?”

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