Non-binding, Feel Good Agreements

Successful investing generally depends on a modicum of certainty.  Consequently, non-binding agreements, often entered into as a politically driven gesture to a particular interest group, can present a dilemma for investors. For example, consider the Paris Agreement, an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Under the agreement, each country must determine, … Continued

Green New Deal

According to Wikipedia, the Green New Deal (GND) is any of several proposed economic stimulus programs in the U.S. that aim to address both economic inequality and climate change.  The name refers to the New Deal, a combination of social and economic reforms and public works projects undertaken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in response … Continued

Climate Change and Investing

There really shouldn’t be any question that climate changes.  The real issues are; what is the rate and direction of change, what is causing it, what can or should be done about it and what makes economic sense? These are important questions.  Unfortunately, they would be difficult to answer under the best of circumstances, but … Continued