A Message From Our CEO

Welcome to the website of Sigma Investment Counselors,

pres_testA firm dedicated to educating our clients on their road to financial understanding.

The decision to hire an investment advisor is an important one, almost as important as choosing a doctor. There must be mutual trust and a value placed upon the financial goals so you set yourself up for growth, security and stability. We understand the importance of this decision and try to anticipate and answer your questions so you can make your choice with confidence.

As you make your decision and contemplate the key considerations, the investment professionals at Sigma Investment Counselors recommend that you focus on character and competence. It is difficult to judge character and trustworthiness from a website. We believe checking references is a good starting point.

We hold in high regard the professional and personal relationships we’ve built with our clients. Our individual biographies and written communications featured on our website are also a good reflection of our expertise. Having served clients for over 45 years, we consider this to be the best indicator of our proficiency in navigating the often confusing paths of wealth planning.

Take your time and give this decision the proper thought and resources it demands. Feel free to request a consultation; we are pleased to do so and it will not cost you to have your questions answered. My colleagues and I hope to hear from you. We wish you the best in your decision and would be honored to build a relationship with you, while guiding you along the road to reaching your financial objectives.


Bob Bilkie