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The Numbers Tell a Different Story

After reading Bob Bilkie’s blog, “Again, “It’s the economy, stupid.”, I was inspired to do more research into the most recent election results. Bob’s blog made the argument that Republicans gained in numbers at the state level where they may have been more concerned about fiscal issues, but voted based on social issues at the […]

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Turkey, Football and Lincoln

Last weekend I took my Mom to see the Steven Spielberg movie “Lincoln.” If you’re looking for something in addition to turkey, football, and shopping this weekend, I gave the movie two thumbs up. The entire cast gives a great performance. Daniel Day Lewis is spot on as President Lincoln, and Tommy Lee Jones gives […]

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After the Dust has Settled

President Obama has been re-elected. Whether you voted for him or not, I don’t know a single person who is going to miss the political commercials, emails, and robo-calls. (Except maybe the actors and agencies hired to produce them.) The day after the election, equity markets traded down on continued bad news from Europe and […]

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Shanghai to Detroit

Last week Sigma had the honor of hosting nine students from Shanghai University. The students are visiting Southeast Michigan through the Macomb Cultural and Economic Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering relationships between southeast Michigan officials, businesses and schools and the rest of the world. These students are spending two months in Michigan visiting […]

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Investing For Your Own Time Horizon

Every talking head on the television and every armchair investor are seemingly willing to give an opinion on many different investments. There is a lot of good and bad information available. What’s most important is not only that the information is correct but also that the investment matches your own time horizon. If you are […]

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A Countdown to the End of Countdowns

Financial network television producers love a countdown.  I hate to blame the recently deceased Dick Clark, but I sometimes wonder if CNBC and other financial networks favor producers who worked on his New Year’s Eve Times Square Countdowns.  Earlier this month, much of the news was focused on a “Countdown to the Facebook IPO” that […]

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