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Forecasting Investment Returns

This is never easy, but the board of the largest U.S. pension fund is taking a new look at what the future might bring.  The California Public Employee’s Retirement System (Calpers) plans to lower the current 7.5% goal to 7.0%, phased in over the next thee years. With this decision, Calpers is changing its business […]

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Planning For A Successful Retirement

Retirement means many different things to everyone.  It’s generally the goal for most people to do something they love with the last quarter of their life.  It should be an exciting time, but when you hear that most Americans won’t be able to afford retirement, it can be worrisome.  There are certain aspects that can’t […]

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Planning for your digital afterlife

Not too long ago, I attended the funeral of a good friend who was taken way too early from our lives.   Her family was having difficulty figuring out how to access a Shutterfly account that she had been using to store photos of her children.  It took them a few weeks, but they were finally […]

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Happy New Year!

“Let us enter the New Year cheerfully.  Let us resolve to look on the bright side, to make the best of whatever may befall, to maintain faith that doing the right thing will ultimately bring victory.  Let us cultivate sunniness, resist sourness.  We can better wrestle with difficulties, obstacles, problems in a spirit of buoyancy […]

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Steady Hand at the Tiller – The Importance of an Investment Policy Statement

The recent market volatility can be scary for any investor.  After six years of positive returns, investors had finally started to feel good about investing again.  This recent correction can be a small reminder of what most of us lived through in 2007-2009.  We believe this is a correction in a long term bull market.  […]

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Retirement Planning Through the Decades

Steps to take during each decade of your life: In your 20s Your 20s are a time for figuring out who you are and what you want to do with your life.  Most people enter the workforce for the first time in their 20s.  They move out of their parents houses and are on their […]

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