Firm History

In 2018 Sigma Investment Counselors celebrated its 45th year in business.

Charles Ricker, CFA ®, founded the firm in November, 1973.

He was respected in the community for his training, expertise and strict fundamental approach to investment management. In fact, this focus on rigorous analytics persists to this day.

Sigma’s investment professionals foster and promote a collegial atmosphere and have a deep and abiding respect for the insights and opinions of their peers, both past and present at the firm.

Chuck Ricker was succeeded at the helm by Robert Bilkie, CFA ®, who joined the firm in 1984 and has served as Sigma’s CEO since 1987. The stock market crash of 1987 was his baptism into the business as an owner. Fortunately, the investment posture in client portfolios at that time allowed for the financial damage of a sharp, short-lived crash to be largely mitigated.  Subsequently, the long period of equity strength in the 1990’s enabled the firm to grow its client base and assets under management from $30 million then to over $1 billion today. Importantly, the corresponding improvement in revenues enabled the assembly of a sound team of investment and administrative professionals whose impressive backgrounds and achievements are profiled in the “Our Team” segment of the website.

A growing client base also provided the firm with the means to invest in the development and implementation of industry leading tools and technology platforms. Importantly, these platforms allow for a streamlined delivery of thoughtful investment and planning solutions to every Sigma client on an individualized level.

Sigma remains independently owned more than 45 years after Chuck Ricker opened its doors for business, with the goal of “thoughtful investing” sitting at the forefront of our efforts on behalf of our clients.