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Trade Agreements/Trade Wars?

The election is over, but both candidates campaigned against trade agreements, such as the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  What is this all about and why is it important to consumers and investors? Wikipedia defines a trade agreement as a wide ranging tax, tariff, and trade treaty that often includes […]

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Universal Basic Income Revisited

Approximately a year ago we noted that there had been a number of proposals by economists and political scientists relating to the concept of universal basic income.  (Click here to read our Universal Basic Income blog from 17 Dec 2015)  A few days ago, Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, suggested that universal basic income, or […]

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Are Some Job Opportunities Going Up In Smoke?

The recent election has continued a trend toward the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use.  Legalization and celebrity glamorization have tended to reduce social restraints relating to pot and appear to be increasing use. In addition to any of the other controversial issues relating to the use of marijuana, investors may want […]

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Temporary Work/The GIG Economy

Over the last several years, increasing attention has been directed toward the relative merit of temporary work, often referred to as the gig economy.  Wikipedia describes temporary employment as an employment situation where the working arrangement is limited to a certain time period based on the needs of the employing organization.  Temporary employees are sometimes […]

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Shovel Ready?

Both presidential campaigns emphasized their support for increased infrastructure spending, suggesting that this should not be materially controversial now that the election is over. However, before rushing out to make a big bet on construction industry investments, it might be appropriate to consider some of the obstacles to a rapid build up of infrastructure spending. […]

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The People Have Spoken (again)

Today is a good opportunity to remind our clients and other readers of the recurring impact on the financial markets of major elections in the US.  As we have seen over the past few days, election news and related uncertainties act as a catalyst for short term common stock price movements.  But, over the long term, […]

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