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Most individuals recognize the need for some regulations.  However, the key question is, at what point do regulations stop providing a path to an orderly arrangement for community cooperation and become the sand that brings the machinery to a halt? In order to be truly useful, regulations are likely to be the most beneficial when […]

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Home Ownership?

The Census Bureau recently reported that 62.9% of households owned a home in the second quarter.  That is the lowest level in 51 years, equaling the home ownership rate in 1965, when the census began tracking the data. Home ownership peaked in 2004 at 69.2%, amid the late and unlamented housing bubble. Is the reduction in […]

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The Fed’s Dilemma

It is not exactly a secret that the Fed would like to increase interest rates but isn’t actually doing it.  The problem may be that there does not appear to be any compelling reason to raise rates at this time and at least two good reasons not to. The Fed’s mandate is to maximize employment, […]

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NY Times: 7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation

For many people, money is a very quantitative subject.  How much do you have, how much do you need, how long might your money last, etc.?  Labels around money also evoke a similar image – a hundred grand, a millionaire, billion dollar deficits, etc.  But, for a large swath of the population, money is a […]

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