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How much does it cost you to live?

How much does it cost you to live?  This is one of the first and most important questions that I ask a potential client when we start to build out a financial plan together.  Surprisingly, many people don’t really know their all-in cost of living. For most people, their top priority when it comes to […]

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Historically, uncertainty has led to increased market volatility.  Even though the Brexit vote is now behind us, the uncertainty surrounding the exit process is likely to continue to contribute to market volatility.  If that’s not enough, remember, the US has a presidential election coming this November that may prove to be one of the most […]

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IRA Beneficiaries – The Pitfalls of Naming Your Child as Beneficiary

When gathering information from new clients one of my first topics of discussion is their IRA beneficiaries.  In general, most couples name each other as primary beneficiaries and then their children as contingent beneficiaries with an equal split.  If a spouse inherits an IRA they can roll it over and treat it as their own, […]

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