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Settled Science? Things Change

Legal scholar, Walter Osborn, was recently quoted in The Wall Street Journal regarding the FDA’s ban on trans fats.  He points out that from the 1950s on, dietary reformers promoted trans fats as a safer alternative to animal fats and butter.  Public health activists and various levels of government hectored consumers and restaurants to embrace the […]

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The Sticky Spending Theory

The Sticky Wage Theory is an economic hypothesis that describes how the pay of employed workers tends to respond slowly to changes in the economic environment.  Employers are slow to increase wages during an economic expansion, so as to not get caught off guard by a subsequent downturn.   On the flip side, wages tend to […]

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Wikipedia defines Q.E.D. as an initialization of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, originating from the Ancient Greek, meaning “that which had to be proven.”  Perhaps a better translation would read, “The very thing it was required to have shown.” Why is this important to investors? With the ever expanding volume of financial news, there […]

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The Jobs Dilemma

Monthly unemployment data suggests that the nation is enjoying a solid economy with a positive outlook.  On the other hand, work force participation remains at historically low levels of approximately 63% and the latest job openings data stands at the highest level since this metric began in 2000.  What is going on and why should […]

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Go With the Flow?

Over the last several weeks, there have been several articles discussing Google’s autonomous cars’ penchant for being involved in an above average number of accidents.  According to Google, none of these accidents have been the fault of the autonomous car.  If Google’s claims are correct, we have an interesting paradox, Google’s cars have more accidents […]

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Is Your House Part of Your Financial Plan?

If it isn’t, it probably should be.  Properly managed, a home can be a shelter and part of a long term financial plan.  For many people, the purchase of a house is their largest and earliest significant foray into the world of finance. Finding the right home, obtaining a mortgage and then managing the monthly […]

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