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Is the Stock Market Suffering From the Summer Doldrums?

Perhaps, but is this something that should be of concern to investors? Some market observers are suggesting that the stock market, after most major averages have reached new, all-time highs, may be in for a difficult summer.  This would be consistent with that old, sometimes accurate adage, “sell in May and go away”. Often cited […]

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The Advent of the $15.00 Minimum Wage

Recently, the nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles, voted to increase its minimum wage from $9.00 to $15.00 per hour by 2020.  L.A. joins Seattle and San Francisco in enacting a $15 minimum wage with similar levels currently proposed in New York City, Washington D.C., and Kansas City, MO. Whether this proves to be a […]

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Time to Take off the Shackles?

Much has been written about the tepid economic recovery of the past several years.  GDP growth has been comparatively weak versus past recoveries.  As a result, employment growth has been similarly soft and many pundits conjecture that this is why discouraged workers have simply given up looking for jobs and dropped out of the labor […]

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Interest Rate Head Fakes

We have seen significant sell-off in the bond market over the past few weeks as the markets try to get their arms around future Fed actions.  These sharp moves in yields can cause one to be uneasy about what could happen.  The fear is that interest rates project upward causing large losses in bond portfolios.  […]

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Interest Rates as a Shock Absorber

The US Federal Reserve Board (Fed), headed by Chair Janet Yellen, significantly influences interest rates in the US.  As the economy has steadily improved over the past several quarters, the Fed has been signaling that interest rates would be allowed to rise.  That is, until Gross Domestic Product statistics were released several weeks ago.  The […]

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It Is Important to Understand Cycles

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt by John Steinbeck, who wrote about California’s Salinas Valley, where he grew up, in the novel “East of Eden” (1952). “I have spoken of the rich years when rainfall was plentiful.  But there were dry years too, and then they put terror on the valley.  The water […]

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