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Start Saving For Retirement

Changes in corporate pension plans, increasing risks associated with the certainty of public pension plan funding and questions about the long-term sustainability of social security payments suggest that Americans should step up their game and start saving for tomorrow, today. Precise estimates tend to vary, however, it is clear that Americans are not saving enough […]

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Things to Consider Before Dipping Into Your 401K Funds

Most of us have been in a situation where we needed to get a loan and the question of where to go to get it was the million dollar question.  It is hard to believe, according to Fidelity’s analysis of 13 million investors, one in five people, or 22.5% of Fidelity’s 401(k) investors, borrow against […]

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Will China Back Down in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong, the former British colony of 7.2 million people, has seen over a million pro-democracy protesters take to the streets in the city’s central business district over the last week.  The protesters want a universal election, “one person, one vote”, and Beijing still holds firm ground against this proposal.  The root issue of the […]

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“A Look Back – Just Sayin’.”

As you may have noticed, gas prices are down about $1 over the last several months.  The price in more than half the States is now below $3. Repost from November 5, 2013. Two Dollar Gasoline? Sigma Investment Counselors November 5, 2013 This is not a prediction but may be a plausible possibility. Consider: With […]

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The Perils of Going Down Market

Investors would be well advised to carefully review any company strategy that proposes to increase demand by moving to capitalize on its brand name by introducing lower priced products.  High priced and universally admired brands tend to benefit from exclusivity.  Rolex watches and Jimmy Choo shoes are far more than time pieces or footwear. Any […]

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