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Compounding: The Secret to Wealth Accumulation

Vote early and vote often is a tongue-in-cheek phrase used in relation to elections and the voting process, often with reference to Chicago and Cook County. Save early and save often is the key to wealth creation through the miracle of compound interest. Saving early is critical.  A dollar saved and invested at 10% when […]

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Do Corporations Pay Income Taxes?

The whole issue of corporate tax rates has boiled to the surface, in conjunction with a recent uptick in relocations overseas. Known as inversions, some U.S. firms employ these in an effort to reduce their overall tax liability.  The entire issue of corporate taxes, tax rates and the appropriate treatment of foreign income are properly […]

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Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments

Recently the Wall Street Journal[1] reported that the largest public pension fund in America, “California Public Employees Retirement System” (known as Calpers), is reducing its exposure to hedge funds by an estimated 40%. When interviewed, a spokesman indicated Calpers has decided to take a “back to basics approach” with regard to investing and portfolio construction.  […]

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