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Staying the Course

As a follow-up to our blog titled “Market Peaks”, we cannot emphasize enough the implicit assumption that stocks can provide very attractive returns over the long term but to achieve those returns, investors must be committed to owning stocks, and have the stomach to hold on to their positions during periods of market weakness. Through […]

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Market Peaks

The markets, as measured by the popular averages, are currently trading at, or near, record highs.  Now what? Perhaps the markets will continue to gradually move up, not every day, but on most days, leading to new highs. Alternatively, we may see a modest correction, possibly on the order of 10%, followed by a resumption […]

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Investing In Bonds: Where Do We Go From Here

Admittedly, the bond market is far less exciting than the stock market.  Yet, we believe it is imperative for investors to understand basic fundamentals of fixed income investing and align their portfolios not only according to the current yield curve but given an expectation of where future rates may be headed. For perspective, the 10-year […]

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“Put Your Money (and the Dow Jones Industrial Average) Where Your Mouth Is”

I was having breakfast with a companion this past Saturday, when he asked me, “Would you invest right now if you had cash?”  I chuckled and directed him to the blog my colleague wrote earlier in the week covering just that subject ( with an answer in the affirmative. He then asked, “Where do you […]

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Invest Now or Wait for a Correction

The hardest time to make an investment decision is now.  Currently, the issue confronting prospective investors is the extent of the market recovery since the 2008-09 lows and whether it would be smarter to wait for a correction.  If the market does weaken, the new big question becomes, “how extensive will the correction be and […]

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Investing in Natural Resources

A great deal of the debate over the perceived limitations of the world’s natural resources appears to reflect a lack of understanding of the difference between shortage and scarce.  A shortage is generally defined as not enough of something that is needed and scarce is defined as a small amount, not plentiful. Consider, Super Bowl […]

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