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Politics and Investing

We are probably all subject to becoming excessively overheated or dismayed at the antics of our elected officials.  Politics can lead to highly emotional reactions, and that’s probably OK, for the most part. Investing is a very different story.  Successful investing requires an analytical approach and an unemotional assessment of the potential investment’s value proposition. […]

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Selling books can be a tough business.

Michael Lewis is famous for his books about the financial industry such as Liar’s Poker and The Big Short as well beautifully written stories like The Blind Side and Moneyball. He is an engaging person who has proven time and again he has great insights into human nature and the world of finance. This time […]

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Hey, Check Out Our New Website –

Yesterday we launched our new website.  Please take a look and tell us how you like it. Special thanks to Tamika Hall for spearheading this effort and to Chris Frayne and Marisa Lenhard for their countless hours devoted to content.  Finally, it is never ready until compliance weighs in – thank you Shari Bilkie! Bob Bilkie, […]

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