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Municipal Bond Income – Tax Target

The most recent Presidential proposal to raise tax revenue once again targets the two percent. But does it? The proposal would cap the tax exemption at 28%; for those in higher brackets income derived from municipal bonds would be taxed for the percent their tax bracket is above that waterline. For example, consider someone who […]

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The press is rife with references to the Dow Jones Industrials having recently reached a new high level of 15,000. What does it mean? Is the stock market ready to back off having more than doubled off of the March 2009 lows? Is this the early stages of a new bull market, as legendary investor […]

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‘The Retirement Gamble’

A few days ago, PBS Frontline ran a made-for-TV special titled “The Retirement Gamble”. Given the stir that this piece generated in our mainstream media as well among our clients, I felt it would be worthwhile to comment. First, we agree with the premise that most Americans are not adequately prepared for retirement. That is, […]

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