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A Modest Proposal: Let’s Adopt a More Constructive View of Business

While there is considerable disagreement as to how to address debt, taxes, spending and all of the other components of the “fiscal cliff”, there is a significant consensus supporting the idea that a growing economy would make finding solutions easier. There also seems to be general agreement that unemployment is a real problem. In other […]

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The Numbers Tell a Different Story

After reading Bob Bilkie’s blog, “Again, “It’s the economy, stupid.”, I was inspired to do more research into the most recent election results. Bob’s blog made the argument that Republicans gained in numbers at the state level where they may have been more concerned about fiscal issues, but voted based on social issues at the […]

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A Non-partisan Look at the Fiscal Cliff

I can already hear my colleagues saying “non-partisan, yeah really?” Maybe they are right, but you should wait until the end. Partisanship, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I believe that we can all agree that the initial introduction of the fiscal cliff represented an effort to address the significant spread between […]

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Right to Work = Right to Choose

On December 11, 2012, Michigan became the 24th state to pass right-to-work legislation. On the surface, I support the legislation on the grounds that I believe less government is good and it gives power back to the individual. However, I also see the benefit of collective bargaining. For example, in circumstances where employees feel that […]

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This is a business blog. I know. Stay on message. Know the boundaries. Alas, I cannot help myself. What happened in Connecticut this past Friday is so sacred that I fear I defile the angels just by mention. At services this weekend, I noted how our priest struggled with the issue, sighing that he spent […]

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Surprise! Surprise!

Nearly every trading day, some company announces operating results or other news that seem to differ markedly from consensus estimates or market expectations. This generally results in a sharp, virtually instantaneous swing in share prices. If the news is disappointing, there is often an immediate 5-10% drop in prices and if the news is good, […]

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