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The Future of Healthcare? A Disconcerting Letter from my Personal Physician.

I am attaching a copy of a letter that my personal physician sent me. It is somewhat disconcerting – the changing dynamics of healthcare. Your thoughts, interpretations, and comments are welcome. Bob Bilkie, CFA —————————— Health Care in our country is changing. As I reflect on how these changes will affect us, it is becoming […]

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Good News for Same-Sex Couples – Ford and GM Pension Pay Out

A salaried Ford or GM retiree cannot name a domestic partner as his/her surviving beneficiary for pension benefits; however if you choose to take the lump sum buyout and roll it into an IRA you can name your partner as beneficiary! Opting for the lump sum is a way to provide economic security for your […]

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Thoughts About Energy Generally, and Natural Gas Specifically

Natural gas is currently trading at approximately $2.50-3.00/mmBTU (million British Thermal Units) and oil is approximately $80/BBL (barrel). It takes approximately 5.8 mmBTU of natural gas ($15-17) to provide the same amount of heat as one barrel of oil ($80). Both are fossil fuels, although natural gas is generally viewed as relatively less hazardous to […]

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Do You Want to Know a Secret? Do You Promise to Re-tell?

(This ISN’T the secret, yet.) My nephew once made the mistake of wearing his University of Michigan colors to the annual “grudge match” college football classic in Columbus Ohio, which pits the Wolverines against the Buckeyes of Ohio State. He is a large man, but he acknowledged that he felt quite vulnerable with the taunts […]

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