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”You’ve Got To Find What You Love”

By now, you have most likely heard the news that Apple chairman and co-founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday at the age of 56. In August of this year, Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple giving the title to longtime collaborator Tim Cook. Jobs’ battle over the past seven years with pancreatic cancer has been […]

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Outrage Over Senator Durbin’s Comments

Earlier this week, Senator Dick Durbin called out Bank of America, infuriated by the bank’s decision to impose a $5 monthly charge to use their debit card. Specifically, while standing on the Senate floor, Senator Durbin was quoted as saying “Bank of America customers, vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank. […]

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Long-Term Investors: Hold On

Markets continue to roil, further depressing equity and portfolio values. Once again, the determination of long term investors is being tested. In our view, the disconnect between the current economic environment and market perceptions continues to widen. The distress in Greece is creating issues that appear to be self-fulfilling prophecies for many financial institutions in […]

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