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Happy New Year

On behalf of all of us at Sigma, we would like to extend our best wishes in this blog for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We are reasonably constructive on the global and US economic outlook for 2011, expecting further moderate growth. We are mindful of the fact that common stock prices have […]

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Tax Loss Harvesting: Business As Usual

At Sigma, we traditionally use the end of the year to go through taxable portfolios and sell positions that have significant losses so that they can be used to offset realized gains for our clients. This simple process is used to lower tax bills through a few straightforward trades and is a no-brainer if tax […]

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Uncertainty and Black Swans

We continue to hear about the struggles of our economy due to “uncertainty.” Much of the criticism towards Washington focuses on this “lack of certainty.” Businesses have been crying that this lack of certainty regarding regulation and taxes has postponed plans to spend and hire, resulting in growing amounts of cash on their balance sheets. […]

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Good Policy

Many of my blogs over the past few months have focused on government policy – fiscal and/or monetary. While this may seem to the casual observer somewhat removed from investment analytics, the reality is that government policy always impacts the financial markets (Ronald Reagan’s massive tax cuts in 1981 ignited the subsequent stock market rally; […]

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‘Not So Fast – Raising Taxes Could Impact Jobs”

Robert Frank writes in the New York Times on 11/28/10, that taxpayers who have incomes above $250,000 can handle the tax increases embedded in the expiring tax cut legislation from the Bush Administration because it would not “…affect their own standard of living.” He notes further that “Truly wealthy families wouldn’t have to alter their […]

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